Skooties Brand Guidelines

We’re excited you want to share our brand with your publication. Please follow these guidlines for how to use our logo, colors and fonts. All logos, color files, and fonts are available in the swipe file.

Logo Use and Examples

The Skootie logo exists in two forms: the full name logo and the icon. Both of these can be used for representing Skooties. Where possible, prefer the full name logo. If necessary, the logo can be scaled down to fit an area, but do not scale it down so far the lines are no longer visible.

Please allow at least 20 px on all sides of either the full name logo or the icon. Do not change the blue to any other color, including a different blue. White and grayscale images are provided in the brand documents download.

Full Name Logo

The full logo file is 839 x 150 pixels. This is best suited for full graphic needs

Icon Logo

The logo icon is 98 x 65 pixels. It is best suited for small publication areas such as social icons.

Brand Colors

Skooties primary color is blue, with black, gray and white elements. If a secondary color is needed the purple is used. These are the specific HEX codes for each color.

Brand Fonts

Skooties brand-specific font is used for creating social media posts, print pieces and merchandise. Web fonts are limited to only use on the website and therefore are not listed here.

Brand font: Cardo, both regular and bold. Bold is used to highlight either one word or a punctuation point.

Here are some examples of Cardo in use on social media posts: