Skooties for ROLLER DERBY!


Skooties are here for you! Order directly from us at wholesale prices. Get a whole roster of sizes to accomodate your team during training, bouts, and travel.

Roller Derby + Skooties

The point of derby is to block and roll. So why use a wheel locker? Here’s some ways derby players are using Skooties:

Muscle Training + Body Mechanics

Roller derby is growing. New players may have limited experience with roller skating, not to mention the body positioning required to play derby. Skooties allow new skaters to train muscles, get used to skates on their feet, and get body positioning memorized before adding the complexity of rolling.

Footwork Practice

Jamming and blocking require learning patterns and foot positioning. Skooties allow a skater to work on this as if in shoes, but with the weight and height added by using roller skates.

Outdoor Rinks

Not everyone plays indoors. And who knows where the toilet or what it might be (please no port-a-potty). Or if the parking lot is gravel.

Outdoor rinks present dangers that would better navigated in shoes. But who wants to go through all that effort getting in and out of skates? Slipping on a pair of Skooties let’s you have the traction and stability of shoes, but without the hassle of dealing with your laces.

Wheel Protection

Some skaters use two pairs of Skooties to protect all eight wheels. This keeps wheels free from dust, dirt, carpet fuzz…anything that you’d prefer not to get all over your skates.

NOTE: Protecting all eight wheels requires TWO pairs of Skooties per pair of skates!

Skooties Cover (almost) Every Skate Size!

Skooties come in three sizes and cover skates ranging from size 3-13+. Yes, even your skaters with very large skates that can never find gear will fit Skooties! They also stretch to accomodate different sized wheels, so multiple players can share a pair as needed. To learn more about sizing specifics, click here.

How do Skooties Work?

Short text answer: they slip over your inside wheels to prevent them from rolling.

Short video answer: just watch the video.

Ready to get Skooties for your team?